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    Jurand Czabański Claims Second Place Alongside Robert Karaś in 10xIronman

    On Saturday morning, Robert Karaś successfully crossed the finish line at the Brazil Ultra Tri competition, followed by his compatriot Jurand Czabański.

    The Grueling Challenge of Brazil Ultra Tri

    Considered one of the toughest triathlon competitions in the world, the Brazil Ultra Tri in Rio de Janeiro pushes participants to their limits. The event consists of a gruelling 38-kilometre swim, followed by a 1,800-kilometer bike ride, and culminates with a 422-kilometre run.

    Robert Karas Sets World Record, Jurand Czabański Follows Suit

    Robert Karas, driven by his ambition to achieve a world record, took part in the Brazil Ultra Tri intending to surpass Kenneth Vanthuyne. His determination paid off, as he successfully completed the race on Saturday morning, setting a new world record. Jurand Czabański, another Polish competitor, ran alongside Karas and secured second place, with a high chance of finishing the competition the following day.

    Heartwarming Support Among Rival Competitors

    In a heartwarming display of sportsmanship, Robert Karas wore a T-shirt supporting Jurand Czabański as he awaited his fellow competitor’s arrival. Despite being rivals in their daily pursuits, their support for each other comes as no surprise, given the immense challenges they face in these gruelling distances.

    Jurand Czabański Secures Second Place in Brazil Ultra Tri

    At 22:35 Polish time, a video of Jurand Czabański crossing the finish line appeared on his Instagram account. The Polish athlete received well-deserved congratulations and officially completed the Brazil Ultra Tri competition. With this achievement, Czabański became the runner-up in this edition, finishing in a remarkable time of 206 hours and 1 minute.

    Rafal Godzwon Maintains Third Place in 10xIronman

    Among the Polish athletes participating in the 10xIronman event, Rafal Godzwon continues to hold his position in third place.

    Brasil Ultra Tri 2023 / Instagram / InstaStories / screenshot

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