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    Justice Fund’s Support for Volunteer Fire Brigades in Poland

    International Firefighters’ Day is being celebrated today to honour the bravery and selflessness of professional firefighters and volunteers who put their lives on the line to help people during dangerous incidents. The Justice Fund has shown its support by providing over PLN 209 million worth of specialized equipment to Volunteer Fire Brigades (OSP) to assist them in their crucial role of protecting lives and property.

    Volunteer Fire Brigades (OSP) are the first to respond to emergencies such as fires, floods, storms, and accidents in Poland. They initiate rescue operations in half of the 30,000 vehicle accidents that happen each year in the country.

    Justice Fund supports Volunteer Fire Brigade with modern equipment and firefighting vehicles

    The Topola Volunteer Fire Brigade, which has served its community in Kazimierski County for over a century, recently received a modern rescue and firefighting vehicle thanks to support from the Justice Fund. The new vehicle has replaced the brigade’s old, 30-year-old vehicle and will be instrumental in responding to accidents, fires, and even natural disasters like floods and windstorms. With their updated equipment, the volunteer firefighters from Topola will continue to provide crucial aid to their community in Skalbmierz, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship.

    The Justice Fund’s support for Volunteer Fire Brigades (OSPs) across Poland has reached a massive scale in recent years, totalling over PLN 209 million. This support has provided OSPs with a range of critical equipment, including over 180 fire engines, specialist quads, medical rescue kits, defibrillators, chain saws, body cutters, seatbelt cutters, thermal imagers, radios, protective clothing, helmets, and firefighting boots. Such equipment helps ensure the safety of the firefighters and enables them to better serve their communities during emergencies.

    Expanding the Justice Fund’s Formula to Provide Life-Saving Equipment 

    Thanks to the expansion of the Justice Fund’s formula, the provision of significant support to life-saving services is made possible. Municipalities and cities can now apply for aid through calls for proposals announced in subsequent voivodeships, allowing for the distribution of rescue equipment to individual OSP units. This program aims to assist in the provision of essential equipment to those who help save the lives and health of the injured.

    Volunteer firefighters show remarkable dedication, putting their own lives on the line to provide assistance during emergencies, including accidents that are classified as criminal under the law. It’s no wonder that the Justice Fund considers providing financial aid to these brave individuals as fully aligned with its mission.

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