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    Kaczynski Warns of EU Plan Threatening Polish Sovereignty

    In a speech delivered on the eve of Poland’s Independence Day, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of the ruling Law and Justice party, voiced strong concerns about a plan he claims the European Union is considering. According to Kaczynski, this plan, if implemented, would not only strip Poland of its independence and sovereignty but also lead to the annihilation of the Polish state.

    Kaczynski made these assertions during his address at Warsaw’s Plisudskiego Square, citing actions taken by the European Parliament. He claimed that a specific plan has been devised and that its execution by the European Union would result in Poland becoming a territory ruled from the outside, effectively eliminating its independence.

    “This plan, adopted by the Constitutional Committee of the European Parliament, is essentially a German plan,” Kaczynski stated, suggesting that it poses a threat to Poland’s historical incident of independence, which he predicts may end within a few years.

    While acknowledging the necessity of further steps in this matter, Kaczynski emphasized the urgency of the situation, warning that the ongoing developments are, in essence, the execution of a plan aimed at the liquidation of Poland’s independence.

    He attributed the alleged plan to Germany, asserting that it is embedded in the coalition agreement of the German government. Kaczynski accused Chancellor Olaf Scholz of pursuing German hegemony, as outlined in the coalition agreement, and expressed the need for national unity to counter this perceived threat.

    In response to a recently signed coalition agreement by opposition leaders, Kaczynski labeled them an “external party,” drawing parallels to the pro-Russian confederation Targowica in 1792. He emphasized the importance of avoiding historical disgrace and called for determination to defend freedom, independence, and sovereignty as fundamental political values.


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