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    Landmark Occurrence: Dwarf Hippopotamus Born at Łódź Zoo

    Łódź Zoo celebrates a groundbreaking event as it welcomes the birth of a dwarf hippopotamus at the end of May, marking a historic first for the institution. The proud parents, seven-year-olds Jamina and Jabari, joined the zoo in 2019 and 2020 respectively. Tomasz Jóźwik, a member of the Orientarium Zoo Łódź board, revealed that despite initial ups and downs in their relationship, the pair recently bonded closely, resulting in the arrival of their newborn.

    Currently, the calf is acclimatizing to its surroundings, primarily staying in the breeding area to familiarize itself with its parents and new habitat.

    This birth is a significant milestone for Łódź Zoo, marking the first time a dwarf hippopotamus has been born and nurtured by its mother on the premises. Formerly home to Nile hippos, the zoo shifted its focus to dwarf hippopotamus conservation in 2019. Presently, the zoo houses a total of three individuals of this species.

    The dwarf hippos enjoy both spacious indoor enclosures and expansive outdoor habitats. The construction of their pavilion was made possible through a community initiative funded by the Participatory Budget, ensuring an optimal environment for these extraordinary creatures.

    For further details, please visit the Łódź Zoo website and Facebook profile.

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