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    Length of Polish-Belarus border barrier reached 181 km

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    A spokesperson for the Polish Border Guard has revealed that the electronic fence along Poland’s boundary with Belarus is now a total of 181 kilometres in length, following the activation of an additional 54-kilometre section on Friday.

    In 2021, there was a surge of migrants at the Polish-Belarusian border, as thousands attempted to enter the country. The Polish government accused the authorities in Belarus of deliberately bringing in people from the Middle East and Africa with the false assurance that they would be able to gain access to the European Union.

    Due to the emergency situation, Poland put up a barrier along its boundary with Belarus and later decided to improve it with electronic monitoring technology, which includes CCTV cameras and night vision devices.

    “We now have nearly 181 kilometres of the electronic barrier in total, 10 stretches (…) Only one 25 kilometre-long stretch remains to be completed,”

    Anna Michalska said on Friday (Feb 17).

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