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    Levi Strauss Factory in Płock to Close, 650 Jobs at Risk

    Levi Strauss & Co. is set to cease production at its Płock facility by June, resulting in the loss of approximately 650 jobs. According to, the decision has sparked dissatisfaction among employees, prompting Solidarity to announce a protest on Thursday.

    Closure Announcement

    In a recent announcement, Levi Strauss revealed plans to suspend operations at its Płock factory by mid-June, with a complete shutdown slated by the end of November. The move affects the entire workforce, predominantly comprised of women.

    Reasons Cited

    Citing high labor and energy costs, Levi Strauss justified the closure, stating that manufacturing in Płock, and Europe at large, is significantly more expensive than in Asian countries, as reported by

    Employee Dissatisfaction

    Employees contesting for fair severance packages have expressed discontent with the proposed terms, labeling them as humiliatingly low. Despite the company’s emphasis on supporting workers during this challenging period, employees find the current offer inadequate, as reported by

    Solidarity’s Response

    In response to the grievances, Solidarity has organized a protest outside the Płock factory on Thursday, aiming to advocate for the rights of affected workers.

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