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    LOT Polish Airlines’ Dreamliners Take Polar Route

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    LOT Polish Airlines’ first Dreamliner flight took off from Tokyo to Warsaw via the polar route, reducing travel time and enabling new direct routes.

    LOT Polish Airlines announced the departure of its first Dreamliner flight, taking the polar route from Tokyo to Warsaw. This route was made possible by modifying LOT’s Air Operator Certificate (AOC), allowing the Dreamliners to fly over the North Pole. By choosing this route, the flight time between Tokyo and Warsaw will be shortened by approximately 1.5 hours, resulting in significant fuel savings and increased cargo capacity.

    Expanding Horizons and New Opportunities

    The extended certification not only shortens travel times but also opens up new possibilities, including direct flights to Honolulu, Hawaii. LOT’s spokesperson, Krzysztof Moczulski, emphasized that this certification expansion marks a milestone in the airline’s development and market presence.

    Before the inaugural flight, various adjustments were made, such as updating operational instructions, implementing new procedures and documents, and providing training for air traffic controllers, pilots, and cabin crew. The flight planning team also made essential software modifications to ensure the smooth operation of the new route.

    Polar Equipment and Navigational Heritage

    The airline acquired additional equipment, including polar survival kits with essentials such as polar suits for crew members, NRC foil for passengers, and an ice saw. Notably, in the 1980s, LOT Polish Airlines operated polar flights with less advanced navigational equipment. The expertise of the team, including renowned navigator SP. Edward Makula, enabled successful “fishing flights” transporting Dalmor employees to Anchorage, Alaska.

    LOT Polish Airlines considers the polar route a strategic step in expanding its presence in the aviation market. The shorter travel time and increased capacity create new opportunities for passengers and cargo, demonstrating the airline’s commitment to innovation and efficient air travel.


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