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    Lukashenko’s People Instruct “Poor Migrants” Storming Polish Border: ‘Don’t be Afraid, Attack the Guards. They Won’t Shoot at You’

    “The Belarusian opposition news service Nexta has published a shocking video showing Belarusian authorities teaching migrants techniques to attack Polish soldiers and officers,” reported the X profile “Służby w Akcji,” along with the video and a detailed description of the content. If this is indeed true, there should be no more doubt that it is not poor women with children storming the Polish border… However, a large number of celebrities supporting Tusk’s environment still believe otherwise.

    “In the video, you can hear an officer instructing the migrants: ‘You will have knives and equipment. Your task is to stab in unprotected areas: the neck, armpits, legs, arms.’ According to Nexta, the video was recorded in one of the rooms where Belarusian officers are detaining migrants. The officer also adds: ‘Don’t be afraid. They won’t shoot at you, and if they do, it will only be in the air.’ The organization BYPOL, which brings together former Belarusian security officers, announced the disclosure of the names of Belarusian officers responsible for training the migrants.

    The trained groups are tasked with destroying the border barrier and attacking Polish uniformed personnel. According to BYPOL, attacks on Polish soldiers are carefully planned operations. Migrants are trained at the Dynamo Training Center in Minsk by instructors from the State Border Committee.

    They learn to move stealthily on forest paths, use a compass, cross the border, and handle explosives. The trained migrants are supposed to act as guides for other foreigners.

    The General Command of the Armed Forces confirmed on Twitter that a soldier was wounded with a knife in an exposed area, not protected by a vest. Unofficial sources say that Private Sitek was stabbed in the left armpit, and the knife blade might have been poisoned, which is why the attacker left it in the soldier’s body. Everything indicates that the attacker was trained by Belarusian services. The opposition organization of former Belarusian security officers also reports that the migrants were provided with Soviet-made “Lepestok” (PFM-1) anti-personnel mines. These mines, originating from the times of the People’s Republic of Poland and the Warsaw Pact, were supposed to be scattered on Polish territory in a quantity of about 30, with the intent of causing explosions and injuring random individuals,” reads the entry of “Służby w Akcji.”

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