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    Machine Learning Conference in Warsaw

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    The ML in PL conference in Warsaw explores the diverse world of machine learning, bridging science and real-world applications.

    From October 26 to 29, Warsaw is set to host a four-day scientific conference focusing on machine learning, combined with the presentation of the Witold Lipski Awards. The event will feature lectures and discussions at the Copernicus Science Center and two universities in the capital.

    A Confluence of Learning and Innovation:

    Machine learning (ML) goes far beyond the realms of developing artificial intelligence, computer science, and mathematics. It permeates various fields like business, trade, astronomy, and medicine, ranging from drug discovery and cardiological diagnostics to cancer treatment. At the seventh edition of the ML in PL conference, participants will discuss these applications and the challenges related to machine learning.

    A Platform for Emerging Researchers:

    ML in PL serves as a platform for young scientists interested in machine learning to showcase their work to both the academic and business communities. This provides them with opportunities to forge lasting connections with potential employers and invited researchers.

    Event Highlights:

    The conference will commence with student workshops on October 26 at the Warsaw School of Economics. Topics of discussion will include realistic attacks, differential calculus, random similarity, energy storage in smart grids, and estimating galaxy distances through deep learning.

    The opening ceremony of the conference will also feature the presentation of the Witold Lipski Awards. An inaugural lecture by Leon Bottou from Meta AI will explore the era of multilingual models (LLM) and delve into the professional analysis of AI and the opportunities and threats arising from its use.

    Friday, October 27, at the Copernicus Science Center will focus on “Human in the Loop,” addressing the utilization of human knowledge to enhance artificial intelligence models.

    The event will include three main guest lectures, discussions involving Polish experts, and thematic panels. These discussions will broaden the scope of machine learning beyond computer science and business, delving into scientific discoveries in astronomy, antibiotic resistance, cardiological diagnostics, and digital histopathology.

    On Saturday, October 28, the conference will kick off another day at the Copernicus Science Center with more specialized lectures, poster sessions, and discussions. One notable presentation will discuss the use of machine learning in treating cancer metastases.

    The four-day event will culminate at the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science at the Warsaw University of Technology. Sunday’s workshops will cover not only theoretical aspects but also practical applications of machine learning in trade, business, and drug discovery. The workshop conducted by Amazon experts is free, while tickets are available for the other sessions (student: 50 PLN, regular: 100 PLN).

    Since its inception in 2017, the conference has consistently attracted a diverse audience of around 500 participants each year. It provides a platform for interested parties to listen to leading ML experts, present and discuss the latest research, all within a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

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