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    Manhunt Intensifies for Suspected Killer in Poland’s Tri-City Area

    Authorities in the coastal city of Gdynia, part of the Tri-City area along with Gdansk and Sopot, have issued another urgent alert to the public, urging them to stay away from a forest near the city. This development comes as the intense manhunt for 44-year-old Grzegorz Borys, suspected of killing his six-year-old son, enters its tenth day.

    On Monday morning, residents in the Tri-City region received an emergency text message from local authorities, reiterating the warning not to enter the forest in the Tri-City Landscape Park. The message, a follow-up to earlier warnings, emphasized the ongoing police search for Grzegorz Borys and urged citizens not to obstruct law enforcement activities.

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    Police officials remain convinced that Borys is hiding in the forest surrounding the Tri-City area. In a statement issued on Saturday, law enforcement reported that Borys had taken survival items with him, leaving behind electronics, cash, and documents in his apartment.

    The search for Borys has escalated to an international level, as he was added to Interpol’s wanted database on Monday. He is now the subject of a ‘Red Notice,’ which signifies a global request for law enforcement agencies to locate and provisionally arrest him pending extradition, surrender, or similar legal action.

    Borys is wanted in connection with the tragic incident that occurred on October 20, where his son was found dead in an attack in their apartment on Gornicza Street in the Fikakowo district of Gdynia.

    The Tri-City area remains on high alert as authorities intensify efforts to locate and apprehend the suspect. Residents are urged to stay vigilant, cooperate with law enforcement, and report any suspicious activities to assist in the ongoing investigation.

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