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    Medals Awarded to Top Young Chemists of 2023

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    Celebrating excellence in chemistry, the 2023 Medals recognize outstanding contributions, from DNA stability studies to cancer therapy innovations and advancements in alcohol production. Meet the young minds shaping the future of chemistry.

    The Gold Medal in Chemistry 2023 was awarded to Rosa Okoń from the University of Warsaw for her groundbreaking research on the impact of light on the stability of adenosine, a fundamental DNA building block. Rosa’s work utilized quantum-chemical calculations and femtosecond time-resolved spectroscopy, revealing adenosine’s enhanced photostability compared to its non-biological isomer. The findings suggest a prebiotic role for UV light in selecting adenosine with biological significance.

    Innovative Approaches in Cancer Therapy

    Karolina Wrochna from the Warsaw University of Technology secured the Silver Medal in Chemistry 2023 for her engineering work on structural modifications of BODIPY boron-organic complexes, exploring their potential in photodynamic therapy for cancer cells. Her inventive approach, introducing a cyclic core to boron atoms, facilitates effective generation of reactive oxygen species responsible for destroying cancer cells.

    Advancements in Clean Alcohol Production

    The Bronze Medal in Chemistry 2023 was conferred upon Łukasz Jakubski from the Silesian University of Technology. His research addressed the growing demand for low-molecular-weight alcohols, essential for applications like biofuels and disinfectants. Jakubski’s unique membrane, combining magnetite and molecular magnet, exhibited unprecedented properties, opening new possibilities for clean alcohol production.

    Noteworthy Recognitions and Special Achievements

    Honorable mentions were awarded to Paweł Bonarek (Jagiellonian University), Bartosz Godlewski (Warsaw University of Technology), Małgorzata Noworyta (Cracow University of Technology), and Kamil Szychta (University of Warsaw). Special recognitions from DuPont were presented to Patrycja Grabowska (Nicolaus Copernicus University) and Łukasz Jakubski (3rd place), and Mateusz Zygadło (Silesian University of Technology).

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