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    MEP Dominik Tarczyński Affirms Commitment to Safeguarding Poland’s Security and Tranquility Amid Immigration Concerns

    Polish Member of the European Parliament Dominik Tarczyński, representing the Law and Justice Party (PiS), reiterated the party’s commitment to ensuring a safe and secure Poland. Tarczyński’s remarks come amidst growing concerns about immigration, echoing a sentiment that Poland must remain a haven of stability and tranquillity.

    Tarczyński: Poland as the Last Bastion of Normalcy and Security Amidst Immigration Challenges

    Tarczyński underscored the PiS’s objective, emphasizing their determination to create a Poland free from the challenges faced by places like Lampedusa, an Italian island grappling with illegal immigration from African and Middle Eastern countries. The politician stressed the need for Poland to fortify itself, be prepared for any challenges, and, above all, respect its citizens’ rights to rest and determine the course of their lives, particularly during their retirement years.

    Having visited Lampedusa, Tarczyński highlighted the contrast between Poland and other parts of Europe, characterizing Poland as the “last bastion of Europe” and the “last bastion of normalcy and security.” He pointed out that in Poland, people can still enjoy the simple pleasure of taking an evening stroll after 10 PM, a freedom often curtailed in other European countries facing security concerns.

    PiS’s Pledge to Prioritize and Protect Polish Women in Upcoming Elections

    The safety and future of Polish women were also central to Tarczyński’s message. He emphasized that the upcoming October elections would play a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s future. Tarczyński assured that the PiS would prioritize the protection of Polish women, pledging to safeguard their rights and well-being. He expressed the party’s unwavering commitment to maintaining a beautiful and secure Poland.

    PiS’s Unwavering Commitment to a Secure Poland: A Vision for the Future

    In his concluding remarks, Tarczyński made it clear that the PiS’s commitment to a safe Poland was not just a slogan but a solemn promise and an unswerving commitment that they had upheld since 2015. The party’s stance on security and its determination to tackle immigration concerns reflect its vision for Poland’s future.

    As Poland prepares for crucial elections, Tarczyński’s statements shed light on the PiS’s unwavering dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens, particularly women and maintaining Poland as a bastion of security and normalcy in an ever-changing Europe. The outcome of the upcoming elections will undoubtedly have a significant impact on Poland’s path forward.

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