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    Minister Zbigniew Rau participated in EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting

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    Yesterday, on April 24th, Minister Zbigniew Rau represented Poland at the meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels. The Council discussed various pressing issues related to the EU’s foreign policy, including the situation in Ukraine, Belarus, and the Western Balkans.

    During the meeting, Minister Rau emphasized the importance of maintaining the EU’s support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. He also highlighted the need for the EU to continue providing aid and assistance to Belarusian civil society and opposition groups.

    The Council also discussed the recent developments in the Western Balkans, with a focus on the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Minister Rau stressed the need for the EU to remain engaged in the region and support the efforts of the Western Balkans countries to move closer to the EU.

    The meeting provided an opportunity for EU foreign ministers to exchange views and coordinate their efforts on a range of important foreign policy issues.

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