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    Mother dies saving son with autism from drowning

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    Heroism tragically ended. A woman who lost her life while saving her son from drowning has left behind six orphaned children. This sad story shocked the people of Kalisz and touched the hearts of many around the world.

    The dramatic events unfolded a week ago in the Municipal Park in Kalisz. A 42-year-old single mother was out for a walk with her 13-year-old son, who suffers from autism. Unfortunately, at one point the boy walked into the river, which caused the mother to react immediately. Without hesitation, she rushed after him to save him. Unfortunately, only the boy managed to get ashore and the woman died drowning.

    This tragic event left six children orphaned. The family was under the care of the Municipal Social Assistance Centre (MOPS), as the mother was single-handedly raising the children. Soon after the tragedy, the three youngest children received support from an assistant and psychologists. The director of MOPS, Iwona Niedźwiedź, stressed that there were no concerns regarding the mother and she was considered a good carer.

    The two children are currently in the care of their older adult brother, while the 13-year-old, who witnessed his mother drowning, is in hospital. He requires specialist care after going through a traumatic experience.

    The decision regarding the children’s further fate will be made by the family court. As communicated by the vice-president of the District Court in Kalisz, Michał Włodarek, the court will carefully examine the family, personal and environmental situation of the children. In such cases, cases are excluded from public view.

    One of the direct witnesses to the tragic incident was 24-year-old Patrycja and her sister-in-law and friend, who were also in the park with the children at the time. According to their account, the mother died while rescuing her son. The boy went to the shore, but the woman disappeared under the water and did not return. Patricia also recounted a frustrating attempt to call for help. Although there were many people around, some of them did not respond to the cries for help. It was only after many attempts that two men took action, but unfortunately, this proved to be too late.

    The District Prosecutor’s Office in Kalisz has opened an investigation to clarify the circumstances of this tragic incident and the immediate cause of the woman’s death. Nevertheless, the results of the autopsy will not be known until next month.

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