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    Museum of Siberian Memory Honored with the Council of Europe Museum Award 2024

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    Explore the accolades for the Museum of Siberian Memory, recipient of the Council of Europe Museum Award 2024. A testament to preserving historical narratives.

    Established on January 1, 2017, the Museum of Siberian Memory in Białystok, a self-governing cultural institution, commemorates those enslaved and exiled to Russia and the Soviet Union from the late 16th to mid-20th century. It narrates stories of prisoners, deportees, and those voluntarily venturing into Siberia, weaving together historical research, narratives from historians, and firsthand accounts.

    Architectural Transformation

    Located on the grounds of pre-war Polish military warehouses in Białystok, the museum’s modern facility emerged from a renovation project spanning 2016 to 2019. The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage contributed 9.4 million PLN, while additional support facilitated a permanent exhibition, funded by nearly 6.8 million PLN from EU funds.

    Council of Europe Museum Award

    On December 5, 2023, the Museum of Siberian Memory was honored with the prestigious “Council of Europe Museum Award 2024.” The award ceremony is slated for April 2024 in Strasbourg.

    European Museum Recognition

    Among the 50 institutions nominated for the “European Museum of the Year” (EMYA), five Polish museums stand out, including the Museum of Siberian Memory. Winners will be announced in May 2024.

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