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    NASK Hosts Online Cybersecurity Workshop for Seniors on Grandparents’ Day

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    NASK (Scientific and Academic Computer Network) is organizing a webinar on January 24, dedicated to seniors and focused on cybersecurity. The event, part of the #Hello! Cyber-Secure Senior campaign, aims to educate seniors on cyber threats, scams, and preventive measures.

    Experts Łukasz Salwarowski and Beata Frankiewicz will discuss tactics cybercriminals use to manipulate seniors, common cybercrime scenarios, and crucial precautions. NASK emphasizes the need for open dialogues during family gatherings, especially addressing cybersecurity concerns.

    Defending Against Financial Fraud

    As scams evolve, NASK urges imparting knowledge on recognizing alarming messages, emphasizing the importance of seeking advice before taking action, and promoting the use of the toll-free number 8080 for reporting suspicious SMS messages.

    Collaborative Cybersecurity Initiative

    NASK, alongside CBZC and WIB, initiates the #Hello! Cyber-Secure Senior campaign, targeting various online scams. The collaborative effort includes webinars, meetings, and informative content to educate seniors about cybersecurity threats and prevention methods.

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