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    National Day of the Victorious Greater Poland Uprising

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    On December 27, Poles celebrate the National Day of the Victorious Greater Poland Uprising. It led to the liberation of Greater Poland from German rule.

    Exactly 104 years ago, a shot fired by German soldiers into the crowd of Polish demonstrators triggered fights in Poznań. The Greater Poland Uprising started. The uprising influenced the outcome of the Treaty of Versailles, getting the Poles everything, they’d won and even more. 

    The Greater Poland uprising began 104 years ago in Poznań. By half of January, most of the region was freed from the occupants. The territories regained by the insurgents were confirmed as part of the Republic of Poland by the truce in Trewir signed by Germany and the Entente on February 16, 1919. According to the treaty, the Greater Poland front was acknowledged as an Allied front. The final victory was sealed by the signing of the Versailles Treaty on June 28, 1919, which guaranteed Poland the return of almost the entire Greater Poland region. 

    The National Day of the Victorious Greater Poland Uprising is celebrated for the second time this year. On November 23, 2021, the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, signed the act establishing the National Day of the Victory of the Greater Poland Uprising. Among the initiators of the establishment of this national holiday was also the IPN (Institute of National Remembrance).

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