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    National Library Reading Rooms Have Been Renovated

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    The modernization of the National Library’s reading rooms and public spaces is a testament to the institution’s commitment to preserving cultural heritage. Over half of the renovation costs for one of the world’s oldest and largest national libraries were covered by EU funding. The director of the National Library, Tomasz Makowski, emphasizes the library’s role in showcasing its connection to European and global heritage.

    The refurbishment, completed in January 2022, involved structural improvements, the installation of book transport systems, and the acquisition of new furniture and equipment. These enhancements allow visitors to access resources through computers, touchscreen displays, and databases. The project aimed to not only modernize but also increase accessibility.

    The redesigned reading rooms, created by architect Tomasz Konior, seamlessly integrate contemporary design with the library’s 1960s architectural character. The revitalized public spaces also include recreational areas, featuring four themed indoor gardens, including an orchard.

    Grzegorz Puda, Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, stressed the importance of this cultural investment, with the library serving as a hub for education, information, culture, and leisure.

    The National Library’s public spaces are a reflection of the institution as a whole. The renovated reading room is now modern, more functional, and three times larger. Technical upgrades, such as the installation of elevators for enhanced accessibility, were also part of the renovation.

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