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    New Dairy Product for Overweight Individuals in Poland

    Scientists from Olsztyn, in cooperation with the Mlekpol company, are developing a dairy product tailored for overweight individuals struggling with stress. The initiative is part of the EIT Food RIS Consumer Engagement Labs, which involves consumers directly in the creation process.

    Consumer-Centric Approach

    Born between 1982 and 1994, residents of Warmia-Masuria can participate. Twenty selected participants will work with scientists and entrepreneurs through several online sessions to create a product that meets their needs.

    Innovative Methodology

    Using the University of Warsaw’s innovative methodology, the project will analyze and implement the best ideas. The final product, either milk or dairy-based, will be produced by Mlekpol and aims to be both healthy and enjoyable.

    Unique Opportunity

    This initiative offers consumers a unique chance to design a product from scratch rather than testing pre-developed versions. The process promotes inclusivity and creativity, addressing the specific needs of those often overlooked by food producers.

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