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    New Institute for Renaissance and Baroque Studies Established in Poland

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    Minister Przemysław Czarnek has officially launched a new state cultural institution in Poland, named the Institute for Renaissance and Baroque Studies in honor of Jan and Piotr Kochanowski. This institution is set to play a pivotal role in promoting cultural heritage and advancing research in the field.

    The official decree, dated November 3 and published on November 6, establishes the institute’s headquarters in Zamość. The primary objective of this institution is to promote the cultural heritage of the First Polish Republic, disseminate relevant academic research, and support studies on Old Polish culture. Furthermore, it will encourage scholarly investigations into Old Polish literature and culture while facilitating the dissemination of research findings.

    Additionally, the Institute will support the Zamość Academy in conducting research in the history of Polish literature, pedagogy, and educational and cultural activities related to the institute’s focus. It will also serve as a hub for integrating the national and international academic community specializing in Old Polish culture, particularly Renaissance and Baroque literature and culture. Moreover, the Institute will create, manage, and expand databases related to its area of expertise.

    The Institute will be under the supervision of the Minister responsible for higher education and science. This initiative aims to preserve and celebrate Poland’s rich cultural heritage and facilitate academic cooperation in the field of Renaissance and Baroque studies.

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