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    New Investment by PGE Dystrybucja for the Development of Polish Railways and Nature Conservation

    PGE Dystrybucja, a company within the PGE Group, has signed an agreement for the construction of a distribution substation in Siedliska, in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. This investment will support the development of railway networks in Poland and contribute to the protection of nature in the vicinity of the Great Masurian Lakes.

    As the largest operator of the distribution system in the country, we are continuously modernizing and expanding our power infrastructure to improve the quality of services provided and ensure safe electricity supply to nearly 6 million customers. We are also carrying out investments that support local development and enhance the comfort of residents. One such project is the construction of power infrastructure that will secure electricity supply to railway traction, thereby enabling electrification of sections of the railway network within the company’s area of operation,” says Jarosław Kwasek, CEO of PGE Dystrybucja. “These types of investments are important not only for transportation development but also for the economy in the respective regions. This action is also driven by concern for the environment. The new investment in the Białystok branch will have a positive impact on the nature in the Great Masurian Lakes region,” adds Jarosław Kwasek.

    In the Białystok branch of PGE Dystrybucja, three tasks are already being carried out to connect traction substations to the railway network. Distribution substations are being built in Kity, Nowe Racibory, and Baciuty, with a total cost of over 37 million Polish złotys. These substations will enable the supply of electricity to the railway infrastructure.

    In the PGE Dystrybucja Białystok branch, an agreement has also been signed for the construction of a distribution substation, which will facilitate the modernization of the railway route between Ełk and Olsztyn. The investment includes the construction of a 110 kV distribution substation in Siedliska (near Giżycko), the cabling (underground relocation) of medium (MV) and low voltage (LV) line sections in the spans of the newly constructed 110 kV lines Giżycko – Siedliska and Wydminy – Siedliska. Moreover, the modernization requires the establishment of connections with the existing overhead line Wydminy – Giżycko through the construction of two single-circuit cable lines according to the developed executive project for the Siedliska distribution substation. The energy company plans to complete the investment by the end of 2024, with a total cost of about 13.5 million złotys.

    PGE distribution substation

    In the Łódź branch of the company, the modernization of the power infrastructure of PGE Dystrybucja has been completed, enabling the connection of the traction substation Zduńska Wola Karsznice. As part of the connection, the previous reserve area of the 110 kV distribution substation has been equipped with new switchgear. In the 110/15 kV Zduńska Wola station, the company has built a 110 kV line field for primary and secondary circuits, thus providing power to railway facilities.

    Meanwhile, in the PGE Dystrybucja Warsaw branch, the construction of the main power supply point (GPZ) in Wyszków is being carried out. The aim of this project is to increase the contractual power transmitted for railway needs. Completion of the investment will allow a total connection power of 5 MW for two railway traction substations: Dobczyn and Szewnica. Given the current load on the transmission network, ensuring such values was previously impossible. Both PGE Energetyka Kolejowa substations are being built to serve the Rail Baltica route.

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