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    New Police Canine Unit Boosts Security in Lublin

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    Six police dogs, including 3 Belgian and 3 Dutch Shepherds, have commenced duty in the Lublin Police Garrison. Saget, Skil, Sadar, Saldo, Saber, and Szeld, along with their handlers, will support the Police Intervention Unit in maintaining public order, especially during mass events.

    The invaluable assistance provided by these four-legged officers enhances the effectiveness of the police. With the ability to track and locate criminals, patrol streets, and ensure safety at events, these dogs play a crucial role. The Lublin Police Garrison now houses a team of patrol and tracking German Shepherds primarily used in search and rescue operations.

    The newly formed Police Dog Handlers Unit includes six patrol dogs and their handlers, tasked with supporting the Intervention Unit in Lublin. The teams will assist in police operations, secure demonstrations, and manage public gatherings.

    After completing a four-month training program at the Police Canine Center in Sułkowice, the dogs and their handlers are adapting to their roles. Equipped with skills and mutual trust, Saget, Skil, Sadar, Saldo, Saber, and Szeld are ready for daily service.

    Welcoming the new additions, the Lublin Police force now boasts 36 canine officers, while 18 retired dogs remain under care.

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