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    Norwegian suspect of murder of Polish woman hears charges

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    Ingebrigt G., the Norwegian suspect in the murder of a Polish woman and the abduction of a child, has heard the charges at the prosecutor’s office in Oswiecim, journalists have learned.

    The man was taken to Oswiecim on Tuesday.

    “At the district prosecutor’s office, he heard charges of murder and abduction of a minor,” said prosecutor Mariusz Slomka. The suspect faces a sentence of up to life imprisonment.

    “The activities, with the participation of an interpreter, a defence attorney and the victim’s attorney, continued on Tuesday from the morning until the evening. The suspect gave very extensive explanations. Due to their extensiveness, as well as other circumstances, they must be analysed and verified,” said Mariusz Slomka.

    With the suspect’s participation, a site inspection was also carried out at the place where the crime took place, i.e. a flat in one of the Oswiecim housing estates.

    The investigator did not reveal how the suspect recounted the events. He also did not say whether he had confessed.

    The prosecutor recalled that Ingebrigt G. was being prosecuted with an arrest letter, which was issued on the basis of a court order for temporary arrest for 14 days. “As soon as he was intercepted by Polish law enforcement authorities on the evening of 29 December 2022, this period started has started. On Wednesday morning, an application was filed with the court to extend the pre-trial detention for a further three months,” he explained.

    The 26-year-old was found dead at the beginning of November last year in a flat in Oswiecim by her father. However, her daughter, who was several years old, and the girl’s father, Ingebrigt G., were not present at the scene. The police began a pursuit of the man. A Child Alert was issued for the child. After several hours, the man was stopped by Danish officers on a motorway in Copenhagen. He was driving a Volkswagen with Oswiecim registration numbers, and in the back seat was 5-year-old Mia.

    Autopsy results confirmed that the 26-year-old from Oswiecim died as a result of wounds and bleeding. She also had injuries indicating that she had tried to defend herself.

    Temporary custody of the child was granted to Mia’s grandfather by a decision of an Oswiecim court.

    On 21 December last year, the district court in Copenhagen agreed to extradite the Norwegian to Poland.

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