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    Off-duty police couple apprehends intoxicated driver in Silesian shopping mall 

    A policeman is always on duty. This was proved by a married couple of police officers from the Municipal Police Station in Świętochłowice, who apprehended an intoxicated driver off-duty. A breathalyser test showed that the 48-year-old driver of the Peugeot had over 2.5 per mile of alcohol in his body.

    The arrest of the intoxicated driver took place on Friday afternoon in Katowice. A married couple of police officers from the Świętochłowice police station went on a pre-Christmas shopping trip. In the car park of one of the Silesian shopping centres, they noticed a completely drunk man standing next to an improperly parked car. At some point, the man got into the car and started driving. The police officers immediately set off after him. On leaving, the policeman ran out of the car and took the driver’s keys from the ignition. His wife grabbed the steering wheel and blocked the possibility of escape.

    A summoned patrol of the Katowice traffic police arrived at the scene and carried out further actions. A breathalyser test showed more than 2.5 per mille of alcohol in the 48-year-old’s body. He faces a hefty fine and up to two years in prison for driving while intoxicated.

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