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    OFFPOLE: A Celebration of Diverse Music Genres

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    OFFPOLE: A diverse music festival featuring rock, jazz, rap, and DJ performances. Join the celebration of Andrzej Nowak’s legacy and enjoy captivating live shows

    Day 1: Tribute to Andrzej Nowak and Rap Showcase

    The OFFPOLE festival kicks off on June 9th, with a tribute to Andrzej Nowak, the renowned Polish guitarist, composer, and music producer. The evening will feature performances by Złe Psy, Nowak’s rock band, and Marek Piekarczyk, who will deliver acoustic versions of TSA’s iconic songs. The day culminates in a powerful rap showcase, with Abradab, Rahim, and Kleszcz taking the stage. The selection of artists is deliberate, as Abradab collaborated with Nowak, and these artists have made significant contributions to the Polish music scene.

    Day 2: Jazz Exploration and DJ Extravaganza

    The second day of OFFPOLE embraces jazz in all its colors. Piotr Wyleżoł, a distinguished jazz pianist, presents his specially prepared project, Flying Fish, showcasing progressive and jazz fusion elements. Vocalist Patrycja Zarychta debuts songs from her upcoming album, while Jazz Juniors 2022 winners, Ziemia, represent the youngest generation of jazz musicians. Dizzy Boyz Brass Band feat. Marta Zalewska brings a surprise performance, and the finale features a unique DJ set by masters of mixtapes, DJ Eprom, and Mr Krime.

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