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    Orlen Announces Significant Fuel Price Reductions for Summer

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    Poland’s leading oil company, PKN Orlen, is set to unveil a series of fuel price cuts during today’s conference. The company’s CEO, Daniel Obajtek, will disclose the scale of the reductions, specifically planned for the summer season.

    This morning, average fuel prices at gas stations have already begun to entice drivers to refuel. Basic diesel can now be purchased for as low as PLN 6.26 per liter, while unleaded 95 petrol is available at PLN 6.42 per liter, and a liter of gas costs PLN 2.79. Although the blends of enriched gasoline and diesel will still be slightly more expensive than regular fuel, prices have dropped significantly compared to yesterday.

    Excitement Builds for Summer Savings

    During an interview with Radio Zet, Orlen’s CEO, Daniel Obajtek, confirmed that substantial fuel price reductions would be implemented for the holiday season. Obajtek assured listeners that the decision had been carefully planned in advance, taking into account market competition and wholesale prices. Further details of the price cuts will be announced at 11:00 a.m.

    While the exact discount offered by Orlen remains unknown, in 2022, drivers enjoyed a reduction of 30 grosz per liter for a maximum of 50 liters of petrol or diesel. Customers using the Karta Dużej Rodziny (Large Family Card) could receive an increased discount of up to 40 grosz per liter. However, the promotional period and the number of discounted refills were limited. Orlen extended the summer promotion for an additional two weeks last year, and a similar extension may be possible this year.


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