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    Orlen Extends Sponsorship Deal with Robert Kubica for Three More Years

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    Polish energy company Orlen has officially extended its sponsorship agreement with renowned Polish driver Robert Kubica for an additional three years. Daniel Obajtek, the CEO of Orlen, announced the extension during a joint press conference with Kubica. Emphasizing the success of their existing collaboration, Obajtek noted that 70% of the population associates Orlen’s products with the Formula 1 driver.

    Strengthening Orlen’s Brand Image

    Obajtek highlighted the positive trajectory of their partnership, emphasizing that the renewed sponsorship is a crucial component in enhancing Orlen’s brand image both domestically and internationally. The CEO expressed enthusiasm for the positive emotions generated by their collaboration, citing the importance of such sentiments in a world often lacking in positivity.

    Kubica’s Transition to Ferrari’s Hypercar Team

    Kubica, who secured the World Championship in the LMP2 category this season with the Belgian WRT team, will elevate his competition to the highest tier of endurance racing. Starting next season, he will join Ferrari’s Hypercar team, AF Corse, showcasing his skills behind the wheel of an Italian-engineered car.

    In a statement, Kubica expressed hope that fans will take pride in his new endeavor, having recently familiarized himself with Ferrari’s vehicle. Anticipating the upcoming season, he emphasized the need for rest and recharging before the challenges ahead.

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