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    Orlen Secures Full Regasification Capacity in Gdansk FSRU Terminal

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    In a significant development, Polish energy company Orlen has successfully reserved the entire regasification capacity of the floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) terminal planned by Gaz-System in Gdansk. The two companies finalized the agreement on Friday, marking the culmination of Gaz-System’s second phase of the Open Season procedure.

    The Open Season process saw prospective clients submitting binding declarations for utilizing regasification capacity. Orlen’s announcement revealed that they have reserved 100% of the capacity offered by Gaz-System, equating to an impressive 6.1 billion cubic meters annually.

    This strategic move signals Orlen’s commitment to strengthening Poland’s energy infrastructure and diversifying its sources of natural gas. The reserved capacity will enable Orlen to efficiently manage and meet the growing demand for natural gas in the region.

    Gaz-System’s FSRU terminal project in Gdansk is a pivotal step towards enhancing the country’s energy security and establishing a robust gas supply network. Orlen’s exclusive reservation underscores the company’s proactive stance in securing energy resources for Poland’s future.

    In the ever-evolving energy landscape, Orlen’s comprehensive reservation of regasification capacity stands as a progressive stride towards ensuring stable energy access and supply for both domestic and industrial consumers.

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