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    Outrage in Poland Over German Leadership Claims in Central Europe

    Statements from German politicians, diplomats, and even military officials regarding “Germany’s leadership in Central Europe” have sparked outrage among Polish patriots. Allegedly, this has raised significant concerns within the 13 December coalition, prompting calls for German allies to exercise discretion to avoid influencing European Parliament elections.

    Calls for Discretion:
    A humble request directed at Germany is said to be in effect until the European Parliament elections. Prof. Zdzisław Krasnodębski, a Member of the European Parliament from the Law and Justice party, revealed the situation, suggesting that Polish politicians are advising their German counterparts to refrain from making statements about Germany’s leadership in Central Europe.

    Concerns and Speculation:
    The leak from the Polish side to Berlin allegedly includes requests for German politicians and diplomats to withhold statements about managing the eastern flank of NATO and the eastern part of the EU. This move is believed to stem from fears that such rhetoric could bolster Donald Tusk’s coalition in the European Parliament elections.

    The reported exchange highlights tensions between Poland and Germany regarding leadership dynamics in Central Europe. As both countries navigate their roles within the EU and NATO, diplomatic discretion becomes paramount to maintaining amicable relations and political stability.

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