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    Paweł Kukiz Joins PiS: Embracing Promised Reforms in Polish Politics

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    In a surprising turn of events, Paweł Kukiz, a prominent Polish politician, recently praised Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of the Law and Justice (PiS) party, for being the first Polish politician to uphold his promises. During a conference organized by PiS, Kukiz outlined key points from his electoral program, emphasizing the need for the direct election of peace judges, changes in the electoral system, a midterm referendum day in local governments, and the removal of parliamentary immunity.

    Kukiz expressed his belief that PiS is the only party keeping its commitments. He highlighted the inclusion of peace judges directly elected by citizens in the PiS program as a vital step toward citizen control over the judiciary. Additionally, Kukiz pointed out the proposed change in the electoral system, with 230 members of parliament being elected directly by citizens and another 230 by political parties, as a transformative move toward a more citizen-centric state.

    Furthermore, he advocated for a midterm referendum day in local governments, enabling citizens to hold their elected officials accountable. Kukiz also stressed the importance of abolishing parliamentary immunity to foster a more civil and constructive political discourse.

    Paweł Kukiz’s unexpected praise for Jarosław Kaczyński and the PiS party underscores their dedication to crucial electoral reforms and increased citizen participation in Polish politics. These proposed changes have the potential to significantly transform the Polish political landscape, promoting transparency and accountability in government.

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