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    Penguin Madness competition: Kokosanka from ZOO Gdańsk gathers thousands of votes!

    Kokosanka, the remarkable albino penguin hailing from Gdańsk Zoo, has emerged as a star contender in the prestigious Penguin Madness competition hosted by Penguins International.

    In a quest to be crowned the 2024 Penguin Champion, forty-eight penguins representing ten
    species have been nominated from zookeepers and aquarists around the world eager to go
    head-to-head in Penguins International’s Annual March of the Penguin Madness competition.

    Born on December 12th, 2018, Kokosanka’s distinct appearance, characterized by her lack of melanin pigment and striking red eyes, has set her apart as a one-of-a-kind specimen among her black and white companions. Her participation in Penguin Madness serves not only as a celebration of her individuality but also as a beacon of hope for endangered penguin species globally.

    Kokosanka’s charm and uniqueness have garnered widespread support from online voters, propelling her through successive stages of the competition.

    About the organization:

    Penguins International is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Denver, Colorado, USA. Founded in 2017 their mission is to protect penguins, to protect the planet! This mission is accomplished by actively engaging in penguin conservation projects to advance knowledge and understanding of penguins through scientific research, and to promote awareness of threats to penguins through conservation education programs. Currently, 9 out of 18 species of penguins are threatened with extinction. Penguins are marine sentinels and indicators of ocean health and Penguins International programs and events are designed to protect them for future generations to enjoy. 

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