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    PGE Ekoserwis Leads the Way in Circular Economy Innovations

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    In 2023, PGE Ekoserwis, a subsidiary of the PGE Polish Energy Group, reinforced its position as a national leader in the Circular Economy (CE) sector. The company’s commitment to CE principles across all operations resulted in groundbreaking achievements, including a patent for a revolutionary photovoltaic panel installation design and an award-winning product for mine reclamation.

    Advancements in Photovoltaics:
    PGE Ekoserwis’s focus on innovation led to a patented balast-support structure for PV farms. This concrete prefab solution allows for the installation of solar panels in challenging locations, such as former airport runways or industrial sites, while also utilizing combustion by-products in concrete production, enhancing both environmental and cost benefits.

    Merging Expertise:
    A significant milestone in 2023 was the merger of PGE Ekoserwis with its subsidiary Epore, creating unique competencies in the energy and construction sectors. This integration streamlined CE tasks related to by-products of combustion and services for power generation units, consolidating activities in the CE segment.

    Research and Development Excellence:
    The establishment of the Center for Research and Development in CE in Bełchatów marked a pivotal moment. Ongoing projects included the development of innovative technologies for waste processing from conventional energy and recovering valuable resources from decommissioned Renewable Energy Sources (RES) installations.

    Collaboration and Recognition:
    PGE Ekoserwis’s dedication to innovation was acknowledged by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, awarding them for Geoszyb – a filling mixture for mine reclamation. Collaborations with research institutions and signing agreements with academic bodies reflect their commitment to advancing CE capabilities.

    As PGE Ekoserwis leads the way in CE initiatives, their achievements in 2023 underscore a commitment to sustainable practices, positioning them as pioneers in the national Circular Economy landscape.


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