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    Pia Skrzyszowska in the Semi-Finals of the World Championships: Poland’s Impressive Streak in 100 Metres Hurdles

    It was a moment of triumph for Poland as Pia Skrzyszowska secured her spot in the semi-finals of the 100 metres hurdles run at the prestigious athletics world championships. The Pole raced to second place in her qualifying run, clocking an impressive time of 12.65 seconds.

    The road to the semi-finals proved to be an achievable feat for athletes, with four contenders from each of the five qualifying rounds directly advancing, while the four with the best times earned their way into the next stage. Skrzyszowska, undeterred by the challenge, confidently met her goal on Tuesday evening.

    In a display of remarkable agility and speed, Skrzyszowska’s stride flowed smoothly over the hurdles. Her prowess was undeniable, as she clinched second place in her run, coming in just a fraction behind American sensation Nia Ali, who clocked in at an impressive 12.55 seconds. The nail-biting competition also saw the advancement of Marione Fourie and Luca Kozak from the following positions, both with times of 12.71 seconds.

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