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    “Pianoforte” – A Cinematic Journey into the Chopin Competition

    Premiering on February 16th, the film “Pianoforte” offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of young talents participating in the prestigious Chopin Competition in Warsaw. Director Jakub Piątek follows the pianists through their behind-the-scenes preparations and private moments, revealing vibrant, rebellious personalities. The movie, which debuted at Sundance and earned the Audience Award at the Millennium Docs Against Gravity festival, explores themes of coming-of-age, rebellion, music, and immense expectations.

    The Chopin Competition Unveiled

    The Chopin Competition, held every five years, takes center stage in “Pianoforte,” a film directed by Jakub Piątek. The narrative unfolds around the young participants of the recent edition, providing an unprecedented look into their journeys, both musical and personal.

    A Director’s Unique Approach

    Director Jakub Piątek shares his unconventional approach to selecting protagonists, focusing on in-depth conversations and documentary interest rather than pianistic rankings. The resulting film delves into the trusting relationship between the crew and participants, becoming the foundation of this captivating cinematic experience.

    Behind the Scenes of “Pianoforte”

    Maciej Kubicki, the producer, brings together a team that includes cinematographer Filip Drożdż and editor Ula Klimek-Piątek, ensuring a visually stunning and emotionally resonant portrayal of the participants’ journey.


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