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    PKO Bank Polski Triumphs in Global Competition for Metaverse Innovation

    PKO Bank Polski has secured the top spot in the prestigious Global Retail Banking Innovation Awards 2023. The bank claimed the award in the category of “Outstanding Customer Relations & Brand Engagement Initiative” for its exceptional strides in establishing a prominent presence in the Metaverse. This victory was largely attributed to PKO Bank Polski’s groundbreaking initiatives, including the Virtual Job Fair #PKOBankTalents and its innovative marketing strategies.

    PKO Bank Polski’s Metaverse Triumph: Leading the Banking Revolution

    The esteemed panel of judges, overseeing the competition, acknowledged the bank’s pioneering efforts in harnessing the Metaverse’s potential. PKO Bank Polski’s dedication to creating a unique virtual presence, as demonstrated by the Virtual Job Fair #PKOBankTalents, and their exceptional marketing campaigns, was particularly lauded.

    The results of the competition were officially revealed during an elegant gala in Singapore on October 19th. PKO Bank Polski emerged triumphant, surpassing 530 projects submitted by 190 banks from across the globe.

    Artur Kurcweil, Vice President of PKO Bank Polski, who oversees the Technology Division, reflected on the bank’s journey into the Metaverse. He reminisced about the project’s beginnings, stating that a year ago, the Metaverse venture was seen as a digital experiment. The bank aimed to explore the virtual world, discover the added value it could bring, and discern how to leverage this presence for business purposes.

    “Today, we are enriched with invaluable knowledge and solutions, bringing us closer to our next phase: making our mark on gaming platforms and creating virtual and augmented reality-based solutions,” Kurcweil declared. He went on to assert that PKO Bank Polski aspires to become a leader in meta banking in its region, and he firmly believes that their innovative approach will make the Metaverse a pivotal channel for communication with young customers in the future.

    Pioneering Virtual Job Fairs in the Metaverse: PKO Bank Polski’s Unprecedented Success

    PKO Bank Polski made a significant impact by organizing fully virtual job fairs within the Metaverse in May, positioning itself among the pioneers worldwide. These fairs catered to individuals entering the job market and seasoned professionals in various fields, including IT, Data Science, Big Data, Sales, Customer Service, UX, Risk, and Operations. The event provided valuable career-building advice, including insights into future competencies, tips on crafting impressive CVs, interview preparation, and creating strong first impressions. The most active participants were even offered the opportunity to schedule one-on-one interviews with bank recruiters.

    Jolanta Wiewióra, Director of Employee Relations at PKO Bank Polski, emphasized the bank’s unwavering commitment to exploring innovative ways to connect with individuals interested in pursuing careers within the organization. The decision to explore the possibilities offered by the Metaverse paid off spectacularly as the fully virtual job fairs were met with resounding success.

    Leading the Way in Virtual Banking Innovation

    Since 2022, PKO Bank Polski has maintained a presence on the Decentraland platform. It notably established the first virtual branch in Poland, replicating the iconic PKO Rotunda in Warsaw. This digital branch serves as a laboratory for developing tools related to the Metaverse, allowing the bank to experiment with various user engagement techniques and build expertise in the virtual world. Visitors to the virtual Rotunda can explore a range of attractions, including a gallery of contemporary Polish art from PKO Bank Polski’s collection, an exhibition highlighting the bank’s history, and an engaging gamification element that encourages users to discover and collect digital points located throughout the branch.

    The Metaverse, often referred to as the Metaverse or meta-world, represents a 3D online environment shared by numerous internet users. In this immersive digital realm, individuals are represented by avatars, much like in the real world, engaging in work, leisure, social interactions, and commerce. PKO Bank Polski’s proactive engagement with the Metaverse signals a pioneering step in the banking industry’s evolving landscape.

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