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    PM hopes for a peaceful World Cup in Qatar

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    Poland’s prime minister said on Friday that he hoped the forthcoming World Cup soccer tournament in Qatar passes in a peaceful atmosphere.

    Mateusz Morawiecki said in a podcast that he wished the Polish team all the best at the championship, but stressed that his strongest hopes were for the event to take a peaceful course.

    “I hope our team at the Qatar World Cup manages to show its real potential and clear the group qualifiers… but most of all I hope we will be able to celebrate this event in peace,”

    Morawiecki said.

    Morawiecki stressed that the tournament was taking place simultaneously with the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, and recalled that Poland had won a place in the championship shortly after spearheading efforts to have Russia eliminated from it for invading Ukraine.

    Mentioning the aid given to Ukraine by Poland after the Russian invasion, Morawiecki said it also extended into the soccer sphere, with Warsaw hosting the Champions League games of Ukrainian star club Shakhtar Donetsk.

    “This way, Poland became a second home for the Ukrainian team in these difficult times, just like it has for many Ukrainians,”

    Morawiecki asserted.

    He added that he hoped the Qatar World Cup will “be a display of beautiful, happy soccer and not tactics and calculation,” and repeated his hopes for the event’s peaceful course.

    Listen 🎧 to the podcast (in Polish🇵🇱) by prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki below ⤵️

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