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    PM Morawiecki: “Poland and Estonia cannot afford neutrality in close proximity to Russia”

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    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has stated that Poland and Estonia cannot afford to remain neutral in the face of Russia’s threat. The PM’s comments came after a meeting with Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas in Warsaw on Tuesday. The two leaders discussed key issues related to Ukraine, NATO, and the EU.

    Morawiecki expressed satisfaction that Estonia shares Poland’s position and stressed the importance of a common policy and support in the region. He also emphasized the need for experienced leaders during difficult times, highlighting Kallas’s recent election victory in Estonia.

    Morawiecki also noted Estonia’s efforts in response to the military situation in Ukraine, with significant military and budget resources being provided to Ukraine. He commended Estonia’s actions and stated that this effort was being recognized worldwide, including in Central Europe and Ukraine.

    The Polish Prime Minister warned that the current situation in Ukraine represents a fight between David and Goliath, and that David must have modern weapons to win the unequal battle. He also reminded Estonia that Poland was participating in an initiative aimed at locating Ukrainian children abducted by Russia and called on Estonia to join the initiative.

    Morawiecki stressed that Poland and Estonia are located too close to Russia to remain neutral and that they need to seek stronger security guarantees for Ukraine. He called for tough sanctions on Russia while also recognizing that Central European countries need support in response to the economic impact of these sanctions.

    The Prime Minister also warned that Russia is not a democratic state and can sustain a long-term war, including through multiple democratic electoral cycles. Morawiecki emphasized the need to explain the real challenges and risks of this war to Western European partners.

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