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    Poland Acquires Majority of Grain Surplus from Farmers to Support Agriculture

    In a move to assist farmers impacted by the influx of Ukrainian crops into Poland, the Polish government has purchased approximately 60 percent of the surplus grain. This announcement was made by Robert Telus, the Minister of Agriculture, during an interview with the state-owned broadcaster TVP1 on Sunday.

    Telus provided insight into the progress of emptying grain warehouses prior to the upcoming harvest, stating, “Regarding the purchase of grain from farmers, there is a positive development. Nearly 60 percent of the surplus grain stored in silos has already been acquired.”

    Additionally, Telus encouraged Polish farmers to seize the opportunity and sell their grain, highlighting the government’s support in the form of subsidies amounting to PLN 3,000 (EUR 670) per hectare of wheat.

    During the period from March to May, Poland exported more than 3 million tons of grain, indicating a robust market demand.

    The Polish agricultural sector has been facing declining sales due to the significant influx of low-cost Ukrainian grain, which has led to reduced prices and disrupted regular sales markets for domestic growers.

    Originally intended for transit through Poland to reach Africa and Asia, the Ukrainian grain was allowed into the country as a gesture of support to Ukraine, a major global grain producer currently facing export limitations due to its ongoing defensive war against Russia.


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