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    Poland and Canada: Longstanding Friendship and Alliance

    Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Blaszczak has emphasized the longstanding cooperation and friendship between Poland and Canada, noting that Canada was the first country to support Poland’s NATO membership. Following a meeting with Canada’s Defence Minister Anita Anand, Blaszczak highlighted the two countries’ ongoing collaboration in supporting Ukraine and bolstering security on NATO’s eastern flank.

    During a visit to Canada on May 8th, the head of the Ministry of Defence met with Minister A. Anand in Ottawa. At a subsequent press conference, the head of the Polish defence ministry expressed gratitude to Minister Anand for her support of Ukraine, particularly her clear stance on the delivery of Leopards. He noted that Canada’s decision to donate this equipment had inspired other countries to follow suit, forming a tank coalition.

    The head of the Ministry of Defence has emphasized the critical importance of solidarity and unity among NATO allies in the face of the threat to Europe’s security posed by Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Speaking about the situation on NATO’s eastern flank, the minister underscored the need for a coordinated response and a strong show of support for Ukraine.

    “Canada’s involvement in helping Ukraine and in bilateral and allied cooperation proves that Canada is a reliable friend and ally of Poland. We work with each other to support the security of Europe,”

    Deputy Prime Minister M. Blaszczak said. 

    According to Minister Anand, Canada has offered substantial aid to Ukraine, including the deployment of 80 Canadian military personnel in Poland. These soldiers are currently providing training to Ukrainian soldiers in areas such as sapper techniques, tank operation, and battlefield medical first aid.

    “We can offer these skills in large part because Poland was willing to help,” Minister Anand said. 

    Following their discussions, the defence ministers of Poland and Canada paid their respects to the victims of the First and Second World Wars by laying flowers at The National War Memorial. In addition, Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Blaszczak also held meetings with members of the Standing Committee on National Defence and Deputy Prime Minister Ch. Freeland.

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