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    Poland and Lithuania Strengthen Military Cooperation in the Face of Security Challenges

    Poland and Lithuania are strengthening military cooperation in the face of growing security threats in the region. During the 4th Polish-Lithuanian Council of Defence Ministers, held in Warsaw, Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Blaszczak and Lithuanian Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas discussed various aspects of mutual cooperation.

    The main topic of discussion was security in the north-eastern part of Poland and the Suwałki isthmus, which connects the two countries. Deputy Prime Minister Blaszczak emphasised the importance of defence and deterrence in this area. In addition, the ministers discussed cooperation in the field of cyber security, especially in the context of countering attacks. Cooperation in the field of special forces and support for Ukraine were also important topics of discussion.

    Both countries shared common concerns about the actions of Russia and the Kremlin regime. They agree that Putin’s attempts to rebuild the Russian empire should be countered. Minister Anušauskas stressed that Poland plays a key role in ensuring security on NATO’s eastern flank and expressed appreciation for the process of strengthening the Polish armed forces.

    The meeting also discussed the existing military cooperation between Poland and Lithuania and defined directions for its further development. The ministers signed a common position on military cooperation for security.

    The commitment of both countries to intensify joint military exercises is also extremely important. In addition, Lithuania has decided to purchase Polish Grom air defence systems, which demonstrates the trust and mutual recognition between the countries.

    Deputy Prime Minister Blaszczak stressed the importance of this decision and expressed his satisfaction with the growing Polish-Lithuanian relations. Mutual involvement in the purchase of armaments and military technology is an important element of cooperation and building common defence capabilities.

    Both countries also emphasise the need to deter Russia in the long term and to increase combat capabilities on NATO’s eastern flank. Lithuania appreciates Poland’s strengthening of its armed forces and seeks practical solutions to strengthening the defence of the eastern part of the Alliance.

    The meeting of the 4th Polish-Lithuanian Council of Defence Ministers was an opportunity to emphasise close cooperation and joint commitment to security in the region. Both countries are united in countering threats and building a strong defence in the face of geopolitical uncertainty.

    The upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius in July will be another opportunity to discuss security issues and take practical steps to strengthen the defence of the eastern part of the alliance. Poland and Lithuania are seeking practical solutions that will contribute to strengthening stability and security in the Baltic region and Central and Eastern Europe.

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