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    Poland Announces Nominations for Key Diplomatic Posts in China and Cyprus

    On Thursday, Poland’s foreign minister, Zbigniew Rau, took a significant step by officially designating the country’s envoys to both China and Cyprus.

    During the formal announcement, Zbigniew Rau unveiled the chosen diplomats for these crucial roles. The poised Jakub Kumoch was named as Poland’s prospective ambassador to China, while the capable Marek Szczepanowski was earmarked to assume the esteemed position of Poland’s ambassador to Cyprus.

    This decision holds significance given the diplomatic backgrounds of the nominees. Jakub Kumoch boasts a wealth of experience, having previously served as Poland’s ambassador to Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Turkey. Notably, he has also played a pivotal role as a foreign policy advisor to President Andrzej Duda and successfully led the charge at the helm of the International Policy Bureau.

    Meanwhile, Marek Szczepanowski’s credentials are equally impressive. He has held the esteemed position of Director of Diplomatic Protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, showcasing his adeptness at diplomatic intricacies and international relations.


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