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    Poland Extends Support for Beekeepers

    Beekeepers in Poland have until May 31, 2024, to apply for financial support for overwintered bee families. With each eligible family, they stand to receive a subsidy of 50 PLN. The Agricultural Market Agency (ARiMR) announced that 11.3 thousand beekeepers have already submitted their documents.

    Applications can be submitted in person or through an authorized representative via registered mail or electronically through the ePUAP platform. Beneficiaries must be registered with the District Veterinary Officer and possess an identification number from ARiMR.

    Funded through the state budget, this support falls under de minimis aid and is specifically earmarked for beekeepers. The allocated budget for this initiative is 80 million PLN, marking the fourth consecutive year of such assistance. In previous years, beekeepers received substantial sums, indicating the importance of this sector’s support.

    The consistent increase in funding underscores the recognition of beekeeping’s vital role in agriculture and biodiversity. As bee populations face numerous threats, including habitat loss and disease, such initiatives aim to ensure the sustainability of beekeeping practices and the crucial pollination services they provide.

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