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    Poland Implements Cyber Threat Alerts and Security Measures

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    In response to heightened cybersecurity risks, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has enforced the second and third levels of the Cybersecurity Readiness Plan (CRP) – BRAVO and CHARLIE – across the entire country. These alerts address threats in the cyber domain, with specific measures for public safety.

    Increased Security Measures and Administrative Readiness (BRAVO)

    The BRAVO level is activated in the face of elevated terrorism threats, necessitating the preparedness of public administration. Law enforcement agencies, including the police, Border Guard, and Military Gendarmerie, are mandated to wear bulletproof vests and carry long firearms.

    Cybersecurity Alert and Counterterrorism Measures (CHARLIE)

    CHARLIE is invoked upon confirmation of a potential cyber terrorist attack or credible intelligence regarding its planning. Officers are on high alert, and security measures extend to the protection of critical infrastructure beyond Poland’s borders.

    Access restrictions to educational institutions are in place, barring unauthorized individuals. The government must ensure resources for defense and implement continuity plans in case of an attack.

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