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    Poland might offer Ukraine some Leopard tanks, foreign policy advisor says 

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    Discussions about handing German-made Leopard tanks to Ukraine are in progress, and Poland would like to be part of a group of Western donors, the presidential foreign policy advisor has said.

    Jakub Kumoch told the private broadcaster Radio Zet on Monday that Poland advocated setting up a broader coalition of Western donors to pool their resources and offer Kyiv a significant number of Leopard tanks.

    “And there are no talks about… handing over all or a large number of Leopards, but about symbolic support and participation in a coalition of several countries,” Kumoch said, adding that Poland could donate between several and a dozen or so tanks.

    “First we need to establish what exactly our Western allies want to do,” the presidential official said.

    Poland has already given Ukraine a significant number of its Soviet-era tanks as Ukrainian troops are very familiar with them.

    On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Polish government was considering Ukraine’s request for Leopard 2 tanks. According to the WSJ, Poland has more than 240 Leopard 2s in various versions. They have much better armour than vehicles offered to Ukraine so far by the United States, Germany or France.


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