Poland Ranks Sixth Globally in Job Satisfaction for English-Speaking Expats

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    In a recent analysis by the Preply platform, Poland emerged as one of the top countries globally for job satisfaction among English-speaking expatriates. Ranking higher than the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark, Poland secured the sixth position in the list of the most expat-friendly countries for work.

    English-Language Work Flourishes in Poland

    Poland earned its sixth-place spot in the ranking of the most favorable countries for English-speaking professionals. Foreign employees in Polish companies gave overwhelmingly positive reviews on Glassdoor, with a remarkable 70.8% approval rating.

    Global Recognition for Language Proficiency

    The high ranking attributed to Poland is a testament to the exceptional English language skills among its population. Sylvia Johnson, a language and intercultural skills expert at Preply, notes that international colleagues find it enjoyable to work in Poland, benefitting from seamless communication and inclusive environments, especially in major Polish cities.


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