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    Poland receives another shipment of Korean tanks and howitzers

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    Poland has received yet another shipment of the tanks and howitzers which were purchased in the prior year as part of a series of large-scale armament agreements with South Korea. These weapons will provide the Polish military with an increased capacity to defend the nation’s security.

    This morning, 12 K9 howitzers and 5 K2 tanks arrived at the port of Gdynia. Poland had ordered from South Korea last year. This new addition of military equipment marks a significant strengthening of the Polish Armed Forces, giving the artillery and armoured units greater capabilities and power.

    “Today, a ship arrived at the port of Gdynia bringing more Korean K2 tanks and K9 gun-howitzers to Poland,”  

    Mariusz Blaszczak, deputy prime minister and defence minister, announced on Wednesday morning.

    “So we are supplementing our military units with equipment from South Korea, this is the implementation of our contracts from last year,”

    he added.

    12 K9 howitzers and 5 K2 tanks from South Korea arrived at the port of Gdynia. This shipment significantly boosts the strength of Poland’s artillery and armoured units.

    Blaszczak stated that the 16th Mechanised Division in the Warminsko-Mazurskie region of northern Poland will receive tanks and howitzers.

    In 2022, Poland made a deal worth EUR 5.4 billion with Seoul for the acquisition of tanks, self-propelled guns, fighter jets, and rocket launchers. This was in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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