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    Poland Receives Meager Funding from EU Ammunition Production Support Program

    In the latest distribution of funds from the European Union’s Act in Support of Ammunition Production (ASAP) program, Poland finds itself at the short end of the stick. Despite boasting of influence within the EU, former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s purported clout seems questionable as Poland secures a mere €2.1 million from the €500 million program, leaving many to ponder the reality of Tusk’s sway in EU corridors. German entities emerge as the primary beneficiaries, with Germany itself pocketing €121 million, followed by subsidiaries of Rheinmetall in Hungary and Spain, receiving €22 million and €25 million respectively.

    A Fierce Debate Unfolds

    The allocation sparks a fiery debate among Polish politicians, with former Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak lambasting Tusk’s influence, highlighting Poland’s paltry share compared to Germany’s substantial portion. The disproportion is glaring, as German firms secure approximately €85 million, overshadowing Poland’s allocation by a significant margin.

    Questioning Equity and Fairness

    Critics question the fairness of the distribution, pointing out that countries such as Hungary, with differing stances on aiding Ukraine, receive generous funding, while others, like non-EU member Norway, benefit disproportionately. As Poland struggles to assert its influence within the EU, the allocation underscores broader concerns regarding equity and representation in EU decision-making processes.

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