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    Poland Responds Firmly to Unauthorized Entry into Airspace, Vows Resilience in Face of Provocations

    In what has been described as a brief but concerning incident, the Polish Deputy Prime Minister has addressed an unauthorized entry into Polish airspace by two Belarusian military helicopters. Jarosław Kaczyński emphasized that while such provocations originating from the eastern border might persist, they will not be allowed to undermine Poland’s resolve. Speaking to PAP on Thursday, Kaczyński stated, “We will allow no one to intimidate us.”

    The incident occurred on Tuesday when two Belarusian military helicopters entered Polish airspace without authorization. The Ministry of National Defence in Poland noted that these aircraft flew at an exceptionally low altitude, making them difficult to detect by radar systems.

    As a response to this breach, Poland’s Defence Minister convened a session of the Committee for National Security and Defence Affairs. The outcome of this meeting led to an increase in troop numbers along Poland’s border with Belarus and the deployment of additional assets, including combat helicopters. In a display of diplomatic seriousness, Belarus’s charge d’affaires was urgently summoned to Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Addressing whether military action should have been taken, Kaczyński drew attention to similar airspace violations by Russian planes, particularly over the Baltic States. He pointed out that while NATO intercepts and accompanies these aircraft, they are not shot down. Kaczyński suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko would likely welcome such an incident, but noted their awareness of Poland’s NATO membership and reinforced border protection.

    In conclusion, the Polish Deputy Prime Minister reiterated the resolve of his country to stand firm in the face of provocations. “They know that Poland is a NATO member and that it has strengthened the protection of its border,” Kaczyński affirmed.


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