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    Poland Sets Date for Parliamentary Elections on October 15th

    President Andrzej Duda has formally announced the scheduling of parliamentary elections for October 15th this year.

    In a statement released on X, previously known as Twitter, President Duda stated, “In light of the favorable opinion just received from the National Electoral Commission regarding the proposed election date for the Sejm and Senate, I have made the decision to schedule these crucial elections for October 15, 2023. The destiny of Poland rests in the hands of each citizen!” 

    During the upcoming October 15th elections, Polish citizens will have the opportunity to vote for new representatives in both chambers of parliament, namely the Sejm and the Senate.

    The official election campaign will kick off once the president’s decision is officially published in the Journal of Laws. This publication will occur no later than the fifth day from the date of the election announcement. 

    In these parliamentary elections, the Polish electorate will choose a total of 460 Members of Parliament (MPs) and 100 senators, all of whom will serve a four-year term.

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