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    Poland Shines in European Swimming Championships with Relay Medals

    In Belgrade, the Polish women’s 4x100m medley relay team celebrated a stellar victory at the European Swimming Championships. The team, consisting of Adela Piskorska, Dominika Sztandera, Paulina Peda, and Kornelia Fiedkiewicz, clocked an impressive time of 3:58.71 to secure the gold medal. Their performance outpaced the Hungarian team, which finished second with a time of 4:01.50, and the Danish team, which claimed bronze with a time of 4:02.03.

    Men’s Team Secures Silver

    The Polish men’s 4x100m medley relay team also made their mark, earning a silver medal in a thrilling finish. The team, featuring Ksawery Masiuk, Jan Kałusowski, Jakub Majerski, and Kamil Sieradzki, completed the race in 3:33.44. The Austrians narrowly beat them, finishing first with a time of 3:33.41. The Ukrainian team followed closely, taking the bronze with a time of 3:33.50.

    The success in the relay events capped off a highly successful championship for the Polish team. Over the course of the competition, the Polish swimmers accumulated a total of 15 medals, showcasing their prowess and determination in the pool. This remarkable achievement underscores Poland’s growing strength in European swimming.

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